Ōs Group | Services
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Talent Representation

ŌS oversees the professional careers of hundreds of professional athletes around the world. From contract negotiations in their respective sports to endorsement and marketing rights, we assist athletes as they build their brand.

Club Representation

Our experienced agents have years of knowledge as professional players, coaches or seasoned scouts who can provide consultation and assistance in scouting for athletes or strategic partnerships.

Athlete Financial and PR Consultation

Being a proffessional athlete comes with the responsability of becoming a ``brand``; With proven programs, ŌS Group can assist athletes with social media/PR and financial management.

Sports Marketing & Creative Ideation

Based on clients’ goals and with proven insightful research, our agency can assist in creative ideation and management of sports marketing campaigns, events, sponsorships and its executions.

Exhibition/Friendly Matches

From negotiation with international teams and venues around the country to ticket and sponsorship sales, ŌS Group has the bandwidth to bring international matches to live.

Sports Licensing

ŌS assists brands and agencies generate new revenue streams through connecting brands with properties, and has the licensing knowledge to get it done.

Sponsorship Development

With over 100+ contracts with players, teams, leagues and tournaments under our supervision, we have the experience to assist our clients throughout the evaluation, negotiation, management and measurement of a sponsorship deal.

Digital and Promotional Marketing

A dedicated staff for all social and mobile marketing needs, including athlete and sponsorship integration with clients’ brands. Our promotional marketing shop, managing compliance fulfillment and warehouse is also a well staff department ready to fulfill on customer’s needs.

Event Management

Reaching a targeted segment in mind, ŌS' capabilities expand throughout event management, taking an asset from ideation, strategy, management (including staffing, permits, booking, production) to execution and measurement.